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Wedding Receptions, Facilities, Reception Halls and Locations in West Tennessee

Tips for selecting a most perfect Wedding Reception Location:

Decide a Direction or Theme: This is where you should meet with your partner to find out about what it is that you are looking for. Describe the overall vision of your perfect event and discuss how you will be able to achieve that vision.

Visit Reception Locations: Although phone calls and web sites are great for determining rates and capabilities of certain locations, there is nothing like a personal visit to possible locations.  Determine what may be convenient for your guests while still achieiving your dreams as a celebration location.  Many venues book up to one year in advance so it is not too early to begin this discussion!

Determine and Contract Location/Site Appointment: By going out to the actual reception site you will be able to insure a smooth and trouble free setup for your event. If you are working with a separate caterer and location, communication is everything as you decide on your menu and times and final details. Once your initial planning is set in motion, be sure to contact the venue 4-6 weeks in advance to confirm all you have deicded upon.

Agenda Preperation: Approximately 2 weeks before your special event, take the time to confer with your caterer and location director to see that all details are in place.

Music Research: If you are planning to use live entertainment, it is recommended that you contract 6 months in advance.  If you are providing CDs, be sure to confirm with your venue that they have a sound system for your special occasion.

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Lily Barn Wedding Reception Location and Wedding Catering for Your Destination Wedding to East Tennessee

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